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We absolutely LOVE our wedding album!! We couldn't have found a better photographer to work with. Your work is amazing! I can't wait to show my friends and family! Thanks so much for making sure the most important day of our lives can stand the tests of time forever. You're awesome!
No problem! Definitely post my comments! I was so happy with everything you did for us that day. Your pictures are beautiful, but even more importantly you were such a wonderful person to have following me around! Your attitude and easy going demeaner was exactly what I needed in the chaos. That is what I appreciate the most! Thanks again for everything. I look foward to our continued work on the album.
Rich, I Love the pictures! They turned out Amazing! I cant wait to share them with my friends and family! thank you again! - Carlie
Emily & Drew
Rich!! The pictures are amazing!! I absolutly love them!! You are so talented and creative :) Thank you sooo much for turing our special day into such beautiful photos!!
Tiffany and Logan
Thanks again for doing such a magnificent job! I can't tell you thenumber of compliments we have received!! My matron of honor even sent the link to our pictures to her mom in North Carolina who then passed them on to her friends who have never met me or Logan before! She just couldn't get over the quality of your work! We are truly delighted with the way they turned out!!THANK YOU!!!!Tiffany and Logan
Rich....We absolutely LOVE....LOVE....LOVE that engagement book! I am at a loss for words. Thank you sooooo much for doing a wonderful job! We look forward to meeting with you soon! Can't wait for the big day, I know you will do over and above anything that would be expected of you. By the way, I'm taking the book to my bridal shower on August 12th!!! ;-)Thanks again!Renee
Thank you so much! What can I say besides WOW!! I have to be honest...I was worried we wouldn't have enough pictures. The day goes by so quickly you can only hope that we got enough pictures to capture it. The pictures are absolutely amazing, breathtaking, and more than we could have ever asked for! You have truly mastered your profession. I can't wait to see what the album will look like when it's complete! Thank you so much for giving us the most unbelieveable pictures to remember our wedding day! If you ever need a reference please let us know.
So far I have gotten to page 35! THEY ARE SO GREAT! I can't wait to see the rest! Bryan loves them too. You did a superb job. Can't imagine how wonderful the albums going to be. Have a great day!
Rich, Words cannot express how we feel right now. We are VERY PLEASED with our wedding album. We have NEVER seen ANYTHING like it and it was DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY AND THE WAIT!!!!!! We cannot thank you enough for your hardwork. Believe it or not, so many people who attended the wedding complimented you all on how hard you worked that day and how our pictures and video have turned out both online and in person. So we thank you for capturing the great moments of our very special day. Now, our families and children to come will have something to always remember us by and to cherish from now on!!
Georgia (mom)
Sorry this has taken me soooo long! I just wanted to send you a thank you. I just loved the parent books and the couple album. That couple album was just perfect! We have received such wonderful compliments on the books. Kaili brought them to her baby shower and we shared them with our friends and family and it was so nice. Everyone really enjoyed them and were amazed with their content and quality! I will certainly pass your name along with rave reviews in the future. Hope all is well. Thank you again for helping to make this wedding so special for all invovled!
My sister is L. Renee Brown and Bradbury Photography did the pictures for her wedding and I was so impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the pictures that would love to have Bradbury Photography as the photographers for my wedding. Please contact me, so we can schedule a time to meet, so I can sign the contract and make my deposit.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BOOK!!!!!!! I had completely forgot about it, so it was a nice surprise in my mailbox last night!! It looks great!You're the best!!!
The pictures are awesome! You’ve captured some amazing moments. I couldn’t quit smiling all the way through.Thanks!
Hi Rich! I just wanted to let you know that we got our album this weekend when we went home. It is amazing and perfect! We love it so much. I have looked through it multiple times, and can't wait to show it off to everyone!! Already those who have seen it love it! Thanks so much for everything. Thanks again.
We got the album and wedding story dvd in the mail this weekend! Thank you so much! They are wonderful! I am not surprised however, your work has all been so great :)
Rich, The pictures look amazing...I absolutely love them!!!
Rich,Kristi and I wanted to truly thank you and Nick for your photography work on our wedding day. We were very pleased with how well you worked with us during our special day. We thought both of you did a wonderful job. You were very professinal, confident, unobtrusive, calm, and very easy to work with. We received several comments thoughout the evening from our family and friends on how professional you both were. We will glady recommend your services to anyone. Our wedding day wouldn't have been the same without you, and we couldn't have been happier to have chosen you as our wedding photographer. We can't wait to view our wedding photos. Thanks again for everything.Derek Tucker
Hey Rich! The pictures are amazing!! Thank you so much for putting them up last night we really appreciate it. ( I know you were up late) I cant wait to see the rest. Thanks agan Jenn Carmen
Emily & Ryan
Hi Rich,We're back from the honeymoon! I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for all of your help with our wedding. Ryan and I had a perfect day, and that is due largely in part to you and Nick for your help and organization. We really appreciate your creativity and for going the "extra mile" to capture all of those unique shots. We're especially interested in seeing how the pictures in the bean field turned out!Thank you again. I'll be sure to recommend you to my friends as they are getting married! We can't wait to see the pictures and work with you on the albums!Best,Emily and Ryan
OH MY GOD THE WEDDING PICS ARE GREAT!!!!!! I am soooo pleased with the way they turned out I, and I'm sure my family members, will be ordering them all at some point!!! So thank you so much for a great job!!!Love, Lindsey
Jennifer & Adam
I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and Jenna!! You guys did an amazing job, I can't believe how beautiful our pictures are!I couldn't be happier!
Hi Rich - I just wanted to say thanks for the engagement pictures! We love them and are getting a ton of compliments on them from friends and family! Have a great holiday season!!Angela
Rich, The pictures are great! We love them.
Rich, thanks so much for the wedding book, it looks amazing!!
We loved the engagement photos, and everyone we have showed them to loved them also. We look forward to more fun and great pictures at our wedding. :-)
Hey Rich! I'm still at work but I took a sneak peak and I LOVETHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to look at the rest tonight!Thank you so much for your amazing effort.My dad was very happy with them too. Thank you thank you thank youKatie Walsh